Everybody's Talking bout Ham Radio
Everybody's Talking bout Ham Radio

Morse Code

CW and I became partners out of necessity and ended up as friends because of love. First I had to learn CW to get my ham license. Then after getting my license, the only equipment that I could afford was CW capable only. Carl Wilson, who was my elmer helped me to build my first rig. My first rig was a homebrew transmitter with a 6AG7 (oscillator and buffer stages in the same tube, triode and tetrode) driving an 807 power amplifier which was capable of about 25 watts if I use an optimistic estimate. For an antenna I had a 40 meter dipole in the pecan trees. When I moved to another QTH the dipoles were never high in the air and I had to keep them simple because of stealth.


I am associated with a few Morse Code and other sort of organizations which I will list below. Two that I just don't check in often are ILERA Esperanto #347 and Ambassidors for Christ #771. The Ambassidor's web page is "http://www.ko4ch.com"


FISTS. My number 7899.

SKCC Straight Key. My number 3025.. I like to pull out the old the old straight key and pound away sometimes!!!

Society of Wireless Pioneers (SOWP). Since I worked as a CW operator in the US Army I was eligible to join. The rule is that you must have made your living with Morse Code at some time.

Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA). After I had been a ham for twentyfive years I decided to join the Quarter Century Wireless Association and get another number. My QCWA number is 20677.

Ten ten club or 10X I became really interested in ten meters back in the 70s and 80s and I applied for a number and received a fairly low number, 4891. Later I got my vp number, 2423. I was very active in the Peanut Pickers net here in Dothan, Alabama for a while. Then propogation went down and I kind of got away from ten meters. It is coming back now and maybe I can get me a better antenna and get more active in ten meters in the near future.

SouthCARS. This is a good net to check into. I don't do it as often as I would like because I forget to check in.

Geritol NetMy Geritol Net number is 4751. I used to check into that net frequently.

OMISS Net. My OMISS number is 1950.