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I had the opportunity recently to attend the funeral of a friend. The passage of scripture that was used, it was one that I had never heard before. After all what is a service for, but to help the loved ones, and the friends to be able to bear the crises that they are facing. It may help bear the pain from the loss we are feeling. It still hurts just to think of life without them. The passage was found in Matthiew 14, where Peter asked Jesus to bid him to walk on the water to him. The sea was tossing and churning as Peter started out. You know the sea represents our life in this world. We are torn by the desires of the world and our desires to do what is right. When we look on the cares of the world we can find no way out even though Jesus walks with us. We are still hurting from the loss. When Jesus reached out to Peter and lifted him up the storm still raged. Jesus walks through life with us. He doesn't remove the terror that comes our way but he helps us through the storm. When Jesus and  Peter stepped into the boad the storm ceased. When Jesus calls his loved ones home the storm of life has ceased. If we could understand why things happen the way they do, it wouldn't make the pain any less real. As time goes by the pain will be more bearable. It will never go away, it will always be there waiting for something to bring it back. That is why we need to make good fond memories. They will help us bear the pain and lonliness they leave. You lean on me and I lean on you and together we can make it.

Submitted by Aubrey Barefield.

The ones of our singers and friends that passed away since the printing of last year's minutes. This is dedicated to their memory.

Uel Freeman, Thurman Nall, Ford Bulger, Edgar and Marzella Harden, Velma Byrd, George Rutherford, Grace Palmer, Ethal Ryles